Corporate Overview

Kindred Builders is incorporated as a commercial general contracting company specializing in medium-sized commercial renovations and new construction in Maryland and the surrounding state markets.

Family First: Kindred is dedicated to the notion that success of one is success for all within the Kindred Family, which extends to all business relations; architects, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers, owners, etc. Loyalty, honesty, and considerate interaction are the hallmarks of family. Being a member of the family brings with it a special level of trust, and responsibility.

The company's founders are family members with extensive experience in different aspects of the industry, affording synergy of nearly 30 years of practical construction, administrative management, and executive management experience.

Integrity: More than simply honesty, integrity is openness between family members that ensures there are no surprises. It affords the comfort of knowing that every family member is accountable—a family member's word is his or her pledge.

Kindred serves as the single point of contact for the owner to achieve the owners vision for construction of facilities. The trust between the owner, us, and our small family of subcontractors is founded on integrity and results in a successful partnership and a superior outcome.

Excellence: Everyone in the business family deserves the very best. Excellence in all that we do is our business card, offering security for the entire family as our principle means of marketing. Excellence demands a constant review of all business processes for improvement—we are loyal to the family, not the way we do business day-to-day!

Kindred offers the full spectrum of services required as a commercial general contractor. From concept development to project completion, the company manages all aspects of the construction project in compliance with applicable building codes... and, of course, at a level of excellence which is tough to match. Kindred's "aim small, miss small" philosophy ensures little details are not overlooked that could lead to larger problems down the road.